Our first 30-Day Mushroom Challenge will help you learn all about mushrooms, incorporate stress management techniques, and help you track your health to improve your energy and overall health. From meeting our Spore Director of Education, Dr. Michele Ross, PhD., to interviewing leading experts in mushrooms and health, to free health coaching and Q&A sessions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re new to the challenge, don’t worry! You can start at any time. Here’s everything you need to start the first week of the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge.

30-Day Mushroom Challenge: Week 1 Recap

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Day 1:

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download the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge Workbook.

Day 2:

Download our Challenge Workbook featuring health trackers, mushroom mindset worksheets, health tips, and daily prompts for mushroom education.

Mushroom Mondays episode 1 with Dr. Michele Ross, PhD.

Day 3:

Confused about how to participate in the challenge and how to use the workbook? Dr. Ross breaks it down in our episode of our new video podcast, Mushroom Mondays.

How long does it take mushrooms to work?

Day 4:

Do mushrooms work instantly? Do they make you high? Find out all the answers to how mushrooms work on our blog.