Our first 30-Day Mushroom Challenge will help you learn all about mushrooms, incorporate stress management techniques, and help you track your health to improve your energy and overall health. From meeting our Spore Co-Founder Michael Zavet, to free health coaching and Q&A sessions with Spore Director of Education Dr. Michele Ross, PhD., we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re new to the challenge, don’t worry! You can start at any time. Here’s everything you need to start the second week of the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge.

30-Day Mushroom Challenge: Week 2 Recap

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Day 8

If you’ve been keeping up with the challenge, congrats, you get a day off! If you need to catch up, here’s your chance. Don’t forget to fill out your Health Tracker & Mushroom Mindset pages either way in the Challenge Workbook.

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aging mother holding spore focus performance for brain health

Day 9

It’s important to remind mom and dad about taking care of their health as they get older. One of the biggest complaints older parents have is being forgetful and having problems focusing. Talk to your parents about medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps that can help improve their brain health when taken daily. Spore Focus Performance blend is a great product to share with them.

Have you talked to your parents about mushrooms?

Day 10

Meet Michael Zavet in our second episode of Mushroom Mondays. Mike Zavet has an incredible story of discovering functional mushrooms to improve life with multiple sclerosis. It’s why he founded Spore & created the Mike’s Mushroom Mix blend.

If you have MS, chronic pain, or an immune disorder, you don’t want to miss this.

woman holding spore focus performance blend

Day 11

Do you take your mushrooms every day? It’s easy to forget taking your vitamins and supplements every day. Using a pill organizer can make it easy, especially if you have a bad memory. To find out why you should take your medicinal mushrooms every day, check out our recent blog post, “Why It’s Important To Take Your Spore Mushrooms Every Day.”

Day 12

Many people with chronic pain and autoimmune disorders use medicinal mushrooms to boost energy, improve focus, and support a healthy immune system. Spore Director of Education, Dr. Michele Ross, PhD., has several chronic health conditions including fibromyalgia.

In this episode of Wellness Wednesdays, available inside our Spore Mushroom Community Facebook group or on our Youtube channel, Dr. Ross shares how medicinal mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, and other natural plant medicines have helped her live her best live with this painful condition.

cordyceps mushrooms found in Spore Energy Performance blend boost cellular energy

Day 13

When it comes to energy, you probably think of coffee or tea. You’ll get a caffeine-free boost of energy from Cordyceps mushrooms, and regular use will switch you from wired and tired to unstoppable!

Check out our blog on 5 Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms. Then check your bottle of Spore to find out if it has cordyceps on the label.

woman meditating outside with Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge

Day 14

Spending time in nature is good for the mind and body. Take a long walk around the neighborhood and look up at the blue sky and the trees. Go for a hike if you’re up to it.

Tired and unmotivated? Cordyceps mushroom, found in Energy Performance & Focus Performance blends, can help get you moving! How did you spend your time outdoors? Post a pic on Instagram and use the hashtag #30daymushroomchallenge.

What’s Ahead For Week 2

As we head into Week 3 of the 30-Day Mushroom Challenge, we’ll be diving in deep into medicinal mushroom benefits and providing coaching and support to help you on your wellness journey with mushrooms. We’ll be sharing weekly recaps here on our blog so you can follow along with the challenge no matter when you start.

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