Our first 30-Day Mushroom Challenge will help you learn all about mushrooms, incorporate stress management techniques, and track your health to improve your energy and overall health. From connecting with the Spore Mushroom Community on Facebook, to free health coaching and Q&A sessions with Spore Director of Education Dr. Michele Ross, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re new to the challenge, don’t worry! You can start at any time. Here’s everything you need to start the third week of the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge.

30-Day Mushroom Challenge: Week 3 Recap

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Day 15

If you’ve been keeping up with the challenge, congrats, you get a day off! If you need to catch up, here’s your chance. Don’t forget to fill out your Health Tracker & Mushroom Mindset pages either way in the Challenge Workbook.

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scientist testing beta-glucan levels in spore functional mushrooms

Day 16

Which functional mushrooms boost your immune system? Trick question! They all do. Mushrooms are rich in compounds called beta-glucans that modulate the immune system, protecting you against bacteria, viruses, mold and even cancer.

Some specific types of medicinal mushrooms have higher levels of beta-glucans, as well as other unique ingredients that support the immune system. You can find these mushrooms, like Turkey Tail mushrooms, in our Spore Protect & Defend blend.

use spore chill out blend to get 8 hours of solid sleep

Day 17

One of the best ways to protect heart health is to make sure you have a solid 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Read our blog post on “How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule” to get to sleep faster, have more energy in the day, and boost the effects you are seeing from the 30-Day Mushroom Challenge.

Reishi Mushroom that fight cancer growing on tree

Day 18

Almost 1 in 2 people will have cancer in their lifetime. It’s important to reduce your cancer risk by eating healthy, and that includes mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi work on specific anti-cancer pathways to prevent cancer growth and kill cancer cells.

What are 2 specific ways mushrooms work against cancer? Write the answer in your Challenge Workbook. Check your supplement label to see if your Spore mushroom blend contains cancer fighters.

Dr. Michele Ross, Director of Education at Spore Life Sciences, talks ways to boost energy naturally

Day 19

Many people use medicinal mushrooms to boost energy, reduce stress, and support a healthy immune system. Spore Director of Education, Dr. Michele Ross, goes over tips to boost energy naturally and explains why caffeine isn’t the answer to your fatigue problems.

In this episode of Wellness Wednesdays, available inside our Spore Mushroom Community Facebook group or on our Youtube channel, Dr. Ross shares how natural lifestyle changes like eating blueberries, breathing exercises, and medicinal mushrooms have helped her and her clients boost energy even with chronic illness.

3 ways to reach Spore Director of Education Dr. Michele Ross for questions about mushrooms or health

Day 20

We’re here for you on your wellness journey. Did you know there are 3 ways you can get your questions about mushrooms and health answered from health professionals at Spore?

If you’re shy, don’t worry, you can ask us privately. Learn how by reading our latest Instagram post.

which do you need more of energy or focus

Day 21

Energy, focus, sleep, or pain relief. Almost everyone needs help in one of those buckets. If you need work in more than one area, consider getting an additional Spore blend or two. Mike’s Mushroom Mix is a great way to restore balance to the immune system and boost overall health. It’s a great addition to any Spore blend you’re already taking.

Which of the four areas do you want to improve? Write it in your Challenge Workbook or join the convo in our Spore Mushroom Community Facebook group.

What’s Ahead For Week 4
As we head into Week 4, the final week of the 30-Day Mushroom Challenge, we’ll be diving in deep into medicinal mushroom benefits and providing coaching and support to help you on your wellness journey with mushrooms. We’ll be sharing weekly recaps here on our blog so you can follow along with the challenge no matter when you start.

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