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How Functional Mushrooms Gave Mike His Life Back

Spore is a brand that was born out of a personal story of necessity.  It’s easy to think you’re invincible when you’re young.  But the truth is that you never know what curveballs life is going to throw at you.  

Our co-founder Mike had always been blessed with good health throughout his life.  He enjoyed playing a multitude of different sports, traveled to countries across the world, and lived a more-or-less carefree lifestyle.  He’d describe his active lifestyle as incredibly beneficial for his wellbeing.  

Mike never dealt with any major physical ailments aside from a chance injury here or there.  But he did struggle with anxiety and sleep issues for a long time.  He’d always pulled away from pharmaceutical medicines developed in a lab and looked to nature to find his healing.  Mike’s struggle with anxiety and sleep led him to natural solutions like melatonin, chamomile, and valerian root–– all of which provided relief and allowed him to continue living his life on his terms. 

By this time Mike had found his flow in life, but then it all came to a screeching halt when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in his early 30’s.  

MS is a degenerative neurological condition that interferes with the nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.  Although the symptoms of MS vary from person to person, most patients report coordination and balance issues, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, and depression.  For Mike, the news of his diagnosis was devastating.  But also, a sudden and shocking wake-up call that he needed to take his health more seriously. 

Mike couldn’t change his diagnosis, but he did have the power over his future actions, health, and wellbeing.  The diagnosis drove Mike to commit himself to finding a safe, effective, and all-natural way to control his MS symptoms and maintain his quality of life.  

Discovering Functional Mushrooms

After years of extensive research and experimentation, Mike discovered the immense healing potential of functional mushrooms.  Through exploring the mushroom world, Mike found natural solutions that gave him more energy, more mental clarity, and less anxiety than he’d ever felt before –– and all of this came without any hangover, come-down, or unpleasant side effects.  

Once Mike realized the power of functional mushrooms to alleviate the challenges of living with MS, he was ecstatic.  They gave him back his vibrancy and lust for life and ultimately, opened up a previously unknown world of healing potential.  

Now, Mike’s focused on spreading the powerful benefits of functional mushrooms to people around the world.  

As a part of Spore’s mission, we actively partner and donate to organizations dedicated to the research, innovation, and development of transformative treatments for MS.  A percentage of every purchase goes toward this goal.

One of Spore’s most popular formulas is Mike's Mushroom Mix –– a well-rounded blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support your overall health.  This robust blend of 10 functional mushrooms helped Mike regain his active lifestyle and can be used to support your total body health, wellness, and vitality.  Click here to check it out in our shop today!

Together we can usher in a healthier, more vibrant world and help find a cure to MS.