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Week 1 Recap of the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge

Our first 30-Day Mushroom Challenge will help you learn all about mushrooms, incorporate stress management techniques, and help you track your health to improve your energy and overall health. From meeting our Spore Director of Education, Dr. Michele Ross, to interviewing leading experts in mushrooms and health, to free health coaching and Q&A sessions, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re new to the challenge, don’t worry! You can start at any time. Here’s everything you need to start the first week of the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge.

30-Day Mushroom Challenge: Week 1 Recap

Join the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge

Day 1:

Welcome to the challenge! Join our Spore Facebook Community Group to get started!

If you haven’t already, follow Spore on Instagram @sporelifesciences and click on our “Challenge” highlight to catch up on our 30-Day Mushroom Challenge Instastory posts.


download the Spore 30-Day Mushroom Challenge Workbook

Day 2:

Download our Challenge Workbook featuring health trackers, mushroom mindset worksheets, health tips, and daily prompts for mushroom education.


Mushroom Mondays episode 1 with Dr. Michele Ross

Day 3:

Confused about how to participate in the challenge and how to use the workbook? Dr. Ross breaks it down in our episode of our new video podcast, Mushroom Mondays.


How long does it take mushrooms to work?

Day 4:

Do mushrooms work instantly? Do they make you high? Find out all the answers to how mushrooms work on our blog.


Day 5:

Did you know you can win prizes in our giveaway? 5 Challenge participants will win a YEAR of Spore supplements!

If you started the 30-Day Mushroom Challenge after May 2021, don’t worry, we still give away bonus prizes to our most active members in our Spore Mushroom Community Facebook group each month.


young woman saying morning mushroom mantras on her bed

Day 6:

Mindfulness is the state of becoming aware of your feelings, thoughts, and body. It's a habit that has to be practiced daily for best results, but can greatly improve your quality of life. Mushrooms can enhance mindfulness, and they are a great catalyst for your health journey.

Your thoughts create your reality. It's important to set intentions for the day. Each morning, preferably right after you wake up, answer the first three prompts in the Mushroom Mindset worksheet found in your Challenge Workbook. At the end of the day, make sure to answer the last three prompts. Being thankful each day can improve your wellbeing and reduce stress.

What’s your Mushroom Mantra?


Spore mushroom blends for energy, relaxation, and immune health

Day 7:

Which Spore formula do you use? Mike's Mix, Energy Performance, Chill Out, Focus Performance, and/or Protect + Defend? How do you 'Shroom?

If you haven’t already purchased your bottle of Spore, or if you’re looking to add another one to your wellness routine (we recommend Energy Performance or Mike’s Mushroom Mix), we got you. Use code CHALLENGE30 to save 30% off your purchase.

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What’s Ahead For Week 2

As we head into Week 2 of the 30-Day Mushroom Challenge, we’ll be diving in deep into medicinal mushroom benefits and providing coaching and support to help you on your wellness journey with mushrooms. We’ll be sharing weekly recaps here on our blog so you can follow along with the challenge no matter when you start.